What is the schedule of events?

You can find the schedule here.

What is the project that Plot-a-thon teams are working on?

One part of the project requires you and your team to visualize data from a given dataset and present it in an infographic (see Rubric).  In addition, you will explain your process through a short Reflection of Achievement (download). 

Both infographic and reflection are assessed by judges when deciding on the winning teams.  Also both infographic and reflection must be completed for students to receive a $20 Amazon gift card for participation.

When do we get access to the dataset?

The dataset is provided on the day of the Plot-a-thon event on the Plot-a-thon website.

How much time do we have to work on our projects?

Teams have a total of five hours to work on the infographic and reflection.  Students have 2.5 hours in the morning (9:30-12:00pm) and 2.5 hours in the afternoon (1:00-3:30pm).  During that time, they can also attend workshops (optional) and visit tutors to troubleshoot problems.  

How do we get help?

Teams can get help by visiting tutors and attending a range of workshops that help students through the process.  For students who have not worked with raw datasets, we highly recommend the Data cleaning workshop (9:30-10:00am).  

  • Times and breakout room numbers for workshops and tutors are available in the Masterlist of Breakout Rooms.
  • Please be sure that you are using Zoom 5.3 or later:  this will allow you to jump from your team breakout rooms to workshop breakout rooms and tutoring breakout rooms.


How do we submit our projects at the end of the day?

One member of the team will submit the infographic and reflection through the 2021 Plot-a-thon Submission and Survey.

However, EACH TEAM MEMBER needs to answer the survey individually if they are to receive a badge and participation gift card.

When will we hear about the winners?

Winners will be announced early next week.  All winners will be alerted via email.

How do you determine the winners?

Three judges (one CI faculty, one CI staff, and one TradeDesk representative) will review the quality of the infographic and reflection based on the rubric provided.

When will we get our gift cards for participating or the prizes?

Prizes and gift cards are delivered the following week.