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Prep Information for Excel Track

What is Excel Spreadsheet?

Excel is a Spreadsheet application. A spreadsheet is a collection of data that is organized in a row and column format. This short video will give you a brief introduction of Excel Spreadsheet and discuss topics including why should I choose Excel Track, How should I prepare for the track, and What I am going to get our of the workshop.

Where to get Excel?

Microsoft Office 365 for Education is a subscription-based program that provides access to popular Microsoft productivity software (e.g. Microsoft Excel), both online and for download and installation on your computer. It is available for all CI students, Faculty, and Staff at no cost.  Please check this link for details.

To install  Microsoft Excel, please follow the instructions from the above short introduction video and go to MS Office Software to download MS Office to your computer (If you already installed MS Office even if it is the earlier version, you don’t need to install it again).

What is Excel Used for?

Excel spreadsheet program can be used to manage, analyze, and share information.  With the help of Excel, you can reveal underlying trends, calculate values, make predictions, make recommendations, and display or share information with large or small amounts of data. To learn more on this topic, you  may watch this video from LinkedIn Learning site. You can get access to LinkedIn Learning by login to your MyCI account and find LinkedIn Learning tab.

How to create a visualization of your data in Excel?

Charts help you visualize your data in a way that creates maximum impact on your audience. This video will show you how to create a chart from start to finish.  To step into more details of Excel data visualization functions and tips,  please go to Creating charts in Excel to  learn how to make quick and simple Excel charts to make your data in attractive and understandable ways.

What Excel skills are important for Data Analytics and visualization?

Please watch this short video (5-minutes) to find out what are the top Excel skills to perform great data analytics in Excel.

Want to explore more?

Please find more Excel training videos from this link. Feel free to explore any topics that might be useful or interesting to you!


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