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What will you get out of these workshops?

Four Stages of the Data Visualization Process:

The workshops on cleaning data and introductions to using Excel, Python, and R will provide you with strategies for using tools essential for visualizing data.  However, you will also need to consider the next steps after you learn how to use the tools.  Students who participate in the Plot-a-thon challenge will participate in all four major stages of a data visualization process:

The goal of Plot-a-thon is not only to introduce you to tools for “plotting,” mapping, or presenting data.  It also aims to help you think about how you want to present that data to the audience so that they can understand data trends and visualize the data’s relevance for themselves.  You need, in other words, to be able to tell the data story in a way that is visually meaningful to people who may be outside your field. The last stage, Communicating Data, focuses on answering questions in the Reflection of Achievement that will communicate the data visualization process. It will be turned in along with the infographic.

Data Storytelling and Final Product:

Data Storytelling provides two workshops:  The first workshop, “Introduction to Infographics and Data Storytelling,” introduces students to data storytelling and provides some tips and tools for framing the visualizations within an academic infographic format.  The second workshop, “Plot-a-thon Final Product” introduces the rubric for the final product that teams will be working on during the event, delineating how judges will assess the quality of work put into each of the four stages of the data visualization process.  

Data Storytelling Prep Videos:

reviewing and selecting a visualization format for best results/clearest data storytelling


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