Tableau Preparation for Plot-a-Thon

Prep Information for Tableau Track

  1. Watch this short, introductory video that answers the following questions:
    1. What is Tableau?
    2. Should I choose the Tableau track?
    3. How should I prepare for the Tableau Track?
    4. What will we cover in the Tableau workshop?

  2. Acquire a license for the software. You must register with Tableau to get access to the software. Please do this early. I would recommend giving yourself 7-10 days. Follow the steps below to acquire a license for the software:
    1. Visit to begin the set-up process.
    2. Click the orange “Get Tableau for Free” button, which will open a grey side bar on the right
    3. In the side bar, you must enter your country, legal name, CSUCI student email, school email, and select “learning on own”
    4. Once you submit this information and it is verified, you will be sent an email with a product key and instructions to download the software.

You must do these steps in order to access the software that you will need for the Tableau Workshop.

  1. Watch this 10-minute video to gain some background knowledge about the software.

  2. Watch this 20-minute video to gain some basic familiarity with the software’s user interface, terminology, and basic workflows. Tableau is a robust software and there are hundreds of hours of tutorials available on YouTube. Feel free to watch as many of these as you want; however, for the purposes of our workshop, you will want to familiarize yourself with tools for filtering, exploring, and plotting your data.






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